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The Benefits of Embossing and Tactile Embossed Keys on Membrane Switches


At Electronic Touch Systems, we do four types of embossing: full – key, LED, ridge or Braille. Embossing is created by applying heat and pressure to the reverse surface of the overlay, resulting in the formation of the shape required.

Full embossing are instances where the entire surface of a specified area or text is embossed in the shape requested by the client.

When an LED is embedded in a membrane switch, it is adhered directly onto the bottom circuitry. Often the client prefers to have the area immediately above the LED to be embossed to enhance the aesthetic of the membrane switch, although this is not necessary.

Ridge embossing is done only to the outline or border of a key or shape

Braille embossing for vision impaired users is also available.

Which type of embossing is right for your application depends on the item’s use and your preference.

Tactile Embossed Keys

Applying embossed keys eliminates the need to insert metal domes into the membrane switch.

It helps to show the user exactly where to activate a specific key, since keys often have a “sweet spot”. Embossing creates an indicator to the center of a given key.  It also helps locate a key in a low-light environment, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of key presses. This would not be as efficient if the keys were flat on the overlay. Embossed keys also eliminate missed attempts to press keys, increasing the productivity of the user.

Embossed keys enhance the graphic overlay of the membrane switch by creating a three-dimensional look to it. This in turn creates a snap action as the keys are clearly noticeable.

Looking for embossing or tactile embossed keys on your membrane switches? Then look no further. Let Electronic Touch Systems deliver quality embossing to suit your switches application. Call us on +27(11) 782-3346 for more information.