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The Benefits of Domed Labels for Marketing

First impressions are vital within the working environment, forcing companies to employ any marketing strategy to make their businesses stand out from the crowd. Labeling is one of those marketing strategies that effectively inform customers of your brand, although making it stand out is another job on its own.
This is why domed badges were created to help businesses market their brand to a customer in a way that will solicit their attention and get a message across simply yet effectively.

What are domed labels?

Domed badges, also known as domed stickers, resin labels, gel or buddle badges are manufactured through the latest technology that coats a clear, flexible urethane which produces a 3-D appearance with a glossy finish to elevate the label to make it stand out. It also creates a texture which is appealing, durable and flexible.

What are the benefits of using domed labels?


Domed labels have the ability to withstand various deterioration factors such as high UV, chemical exposure and other sorts of environmental extremes. They are scratch and heat resistant, and the colour will never fade, making them long-lasting and consistently effective for indoor and outdoor usage.


Most types of labeling are only suitable for a limited number of uses regarding the environment or industry. Domed labels can be used in any environment by any company, big or small, as an engaging and appealing way to distribute your brand.

Increase customer base

This durable type of labeling has become an important part of branding for all businesses across various industries to inform customers of their brand, products, and services. They can be used in any marketing strategy to ensure brand awareness and identification can be made consistently to boost the success of marketing efforts. Marketing is hard for a lot of companies, whose industries are saturated. This type of branding ensures that your business stands out from your competitors.

Clearly Inform

Domed labels stand out and are appealing, making it easier to clearly get a message across. They can be manufactured in any shape and contain any form of information that is required, making it only a benefit to employing them into your business practices. It gives the customer a clear view of your logo or information, which can increase your customer base or even create jobs due to increased visibility within the industry. Therefore, leads to increased revenue.


Flat labels are all over the market which your competitors, as well as yourself, utilize with logos, product, and service information using a variety of fonts and colours. This makes it unlikely to stand out through design aspects alone. Domed labels have a three-dimensional effect and tactile surface which is highly noticeable and is an instant advantage over your competitors.

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