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Touch keypad systems interface technology

Touch keypad systems interface technology

Electronic Touch Systems (ETS) specializes in membrane and touch switch technology with high-performance, dependable, and robust membrane switch solutions, designed according to customer specifications. Decades of design experience and knowledge place us at the forefront of decision making, economical production, and our “get it right-first-time” expectation. 

ETS has 30 years of experience in this manufacturing space. Our membrane switches, graphic overlays, and labels are made to the highest quality.

With in-house graphic designers, comprehensive printing solutions, laser cutting, and engraving, we can manufacture according to any specification and environment your membrane switch or label needs to meet.    

Electronic Touch Systems (ETS) provides skilled, accurate, and professional work experience at the highest level for most industrial environments. We source only the best quality materials from top suppliers to ensure our products have longevity.

Over decades of development, the membrane switch has been established as an effective solution for many different technical applications.  Today, due to advances in manufacturing processes, it has become indispensable for many industries.  The latest design capability has let the membrane keypad stay fresh and modern into the 21st century and has thus developed into a sophisticated high-tech instrument.

Product developers should know that an innovative input device has many design options to make their product stand out. Electronic Touch Systems (ETS) takes pride in offering you a reliable working product with the latest hi-tech look. Membrane switches are the interfaces of complex machinery that make your life simple.