Fibre Optic Backlighting

Thin flexible fibre optic panels are located over domes in switches and keypads, maintaining positive tactile feedback while guaranteeing no degradation in brightness. The fibre optic panel never needs replacement and is so effective in uniformly spreading out the light

Membrane Keypads

In its simplest form a membrane keypad consists of one or several keys within a flat panel (less than 1mm thick). Each key consists of an open contact between two tracks or wires that exit at the back of the

Domed Badges

Enhance your marketing impact by turning an ordinary label into something extraordinary. The process can be compared to the affect a drop of water has on a polished surface. We add a “drop” of clear resin to the printed material,


Everyone knows what a label is but deciding which type of label is suitable for each application requires some understanding of the different materials. In its simplest form a label consists of printed ink on top of a base material

Touch Switches

In–house manufacturing of electroluminescent backlighting for keypads is ETS’ latest addition to their range of membrane switches. An Electroluminescent lamp (EL Lamp) is a capacitor that emits light when an AC voltage is applied to it. It is a layer

Graphic Overlays

We process the same materials as used for the membrane keypads but without any built in keys. In other words we use the top graphic layer with a single adhesive backing. All the same advantages of this material are applicable,